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Design Development

Kayularas provides a strong team of engineering to transform design into form. The “A” team starts from taking on actual measurement, checking proportion of the model, applying all design’s requirements, providing working shop drawing, providing spare part drawing for production, applying installation know-how, and taking care of other details which will become a message from design.
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With the updated computerized equipments, the spare part drawing will be plotted to cutting, shaping, and molding form. It starts with selecting top quality raw materials, choosing proper hardware and finishes it off with assembling and finishing by experienced carpenters. During the process, our quality control will keep our high standards of all the steps to reach the maximum quality.
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All finish products, including loose furnitures and millworks, will be delivered to the site with care and proper wrapping. Those will be marked as shop drawing and spare part drawing to fit the position. Kayularas provides accuracy from A to Z to ensure all products are installed perfectly in terms of dimension as well as time schedule.